Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship was formed in 2001. ARRF is dedicated to helping the lost, abandoned, unwanted, and abused dogs and puppies of Leland, MS and the unincorporated Washington County area. ARRF’s primary focus is the animals that are brought into the Leland/Washington County animal shelter. Specifically, ARRF dedicates its resources to the abandoned and neglected animals at the Leland, MS dog pound.

The organization has a very small group of volunteers. We find homes for an average of 240 dogs and puppies annually and care for as many as 30 – 40 at a time in both the shelter and foster homes. We also provide emergency medical care to the wounded and sick animals that are brought in by the animal control officer. YOUR donations help us pay for dog food, medical supplies, and veterinary expenses. (More About Us)

  • 2012 Stats: 147 rescued
  • 2013 Stats: 181 rescued
  • 2014 Stats: 196 rescued
  • 2015 Stats: 272 rescued
  • 2016 Stats: 313 rescued

NOTE: Every dog or puppy that arrives at the ARRF rescue is given a chance at a forever home regardless of breed, injury, or medical condition. Euthanasia is only used in cases of severe aggression or in cases where the health or injury of the dog is beyond medical assistance and euthanasia is the most humane option.