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National Adoption Month

October is “NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH”. Donation jars will be available in businesses around Leland and Washington County to collect donations to support the work ARRF does in finding loving adoptive homes for the lost, abandoned, unwanted, and abused dogs and puppies of our area.

If you would like to donate to celebrate National Adoption Month via our website, please click on our
“DONATE” button.


This new shelter building is going to be a wonderful improvement over the antiquated, totally inadequate facility that was built over 65 years ago to briefly “store” the lost, abandoned, unwanted and abused dogs of Leland and unincorporated Washington County before they were shot on site and taken to the dump.

Our new shelter under construction.

The concrete foundation has been poured and the outer building is up. Some of the Improvements that will be realized over the old facility are as follows:

• A heating and cooling system that allows the dogs to live in comfort where they are cool and free from mosquitoes in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter,
• A quarantine area that will isolate sick dogs and new dogs from the general population for a period of time, keeping exposure at a minimum,
• Dog Runs with a separate drain, instead of several runs sharing a single drain, as the existing facility has, creating the problem of cross contamination with which we are currently dealing,
• Smooth, sealed, easily cleaned and dried flooring, instead of cracked and crumbling concrete
• Individual Dog Runs that are separated into two sections by a doggy door, one indoor and one outdoor, to ensure that the dogs will no longer get wet during daily maintenance…..and much more.

Oh, may I mention that the new shelter will have a bathroom for volunteers? YIPPEE!!!!!!! (Is there some kind of little cartoon character or dog jumping and celebrating that we could put here?)

While we have made a great deal of progress with raising funds, thanks to the hard work of Animal Welfare League of Greenville, we are still short of the amount it will take to complete our shelter project. To date, $174,000.00 has been raised. To be operational, we estimate that we need an additional $25,000.00 and to totally finish the project, we will need $92,000.00.

We are encouraging all animal lovers to join us in the effort to give these precious four-legged friends a clean, sanitary, comfortable environment in which to live as they wait to be adopted into loving forever homes. Go to our “DONATE” button and help make this dream come true. Please specify that you want your gift to go to the Building Fund.